Born in Bari, Italy Lucia attended the Academy of Art in Bari where she graduated as a Set Designer.  After graduation Lucia moved to Napoli to work in theatre and to pursue a carrier in Architecture at the University of Federico II. 

While she was studying in Napoli, Lucia worked for three years at the prestigious San Carlo Theatre assisting different directors like: Franco Zeffirelli,  Roberto De Simone, Alfred Ricther, Alberto Fassini, Filippo Crivelli and Alberto Puggelli.

By working closely with these great old school directors Lucia acquired knowledge through practical experience and skills in directing, art direction and costume design. This combination of abilities led to her work as a tour Manager for Progetto Italia production, an opera tour in Italy and the USA.

In 1997 she worked at RAI (Italian National TV) for two years as a Set Decorator on a Soap Opera and TV Show.  After work on her first movie The Count of Montecristo Lucia discovered her real passion was in the film industry.

Lucia decided to move to Rome to find a job at Cinecitta where she worked as a Costume Designer on movies and as an assistant director on commercials.

In 1999 Lucia moved to the United States and has worked on movies, TV and theatre, and became a member of two Unions in New York, Local 764 and Local 829.